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I am The Royal Priest, the Prophet-King of 2304 (my province of the Kingdom of God), preacher, and prophet of the Lord Yeshua, The Prince of New Israel, and The Truth Man. My ministry is a reflection of my study of the Word of God, power in the Spirit of God, and experiences with God. I preach to help people to be desperate for truth, steadfast in the faith, certain of grace, and committed to the things of the Spirit, that they may experience our Lord on a greater level, and maximize the benefits of the Kingdom of God. I speak a lot about prophecy, mysteries of God, and judgment, (a subject I believe many would rather avoid). I take being a child of God (royalty) and a servant of God (priest) very seriously. I do not discount, downplay, degrade, or disregard ANYTHING that the Lord Yeshua paid (with His precious blood to give me) and make me into. I teach people that the Holy Spirit is NOT a “religious” spirit, but is HOLY (set apart in a class of His own), and that we commit all things to Him in order to receive power, direction, wisdom, inspiration, and motivation for everything in life. There is no area of your life that God is not wanting to be involved in, wanting you to embrace the Kingdom of God like a little child, that He might be glorified IN YOU as you bear fruit unto Him.


"What gives you the audacity to call yourself 'The Truth Man'?"

I didn’t call myself The Truth Man; God calls me that. I do not mean that I’m the embodiment of truth— that is My King, The Blessed Lord Yeshua. It means I am THE man who is totally committed to The Spirit of Truth that I will spare at nothing to receive it. It is my total focus on truth— even with the threat of persecution, tribulation, and even death. This is a kingdom mystery that was revealed to me in the Holy Spirit through seeking God in other tongues. 


“...I'm addicted to peace."

I've been involved in a lot of entrepreneurial endeavors over the past 12 years. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and enjoying new places and food; building and designing furniture and home decor pieces; playing basketball, playing piano, making music, or hanging with family and friends. Life and laughter are two things I never go without, and I'm addicted to peace. While the roots of my faith are in Christ, I do not hold to the limitations that many Christians have placed on what can be accomplished in and through me by Him. I do not look at “church” as the place where God dwells, nor the focus of life for those who have accepted Christ. The Kingdom of God (the peace, joy, and righteousness in The Holy Ghost, manifested in power) is my focus. I believe that the Kingdom of God transcends any religious, familial, or governmental bond, and it is the intent of God to manifest it IN and THROUGH all those who accept the forgiveness, grace, mercy and many benefits in our crucified and resurrected Savior Yeshua. Therefore, it is my intent to preach to the liberation of all souls, teaching them not to be lawless, but ruthless and relentless for righteousness to the glory of God. 


I preach heavily on grace AND judgment, as both are necessary components to promote and preserve the righteousness of God to His glory and for the benefit of those who love Him. I preach on the end times and coming deception associated therewith, to cause people to gird themselves with truth, accept salvation in Yeshua, and remain attentive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.


"My gift is in my mouth."


There is no subject too controversial for me to address by the Word and Spirit of God. And while I am indeed BOLD and unabashed in my preaching, I do not encourage ANYONE to follow me, but rather to #GoAskGod. I admonish individuals to learn to foster a relationship with the gracious Holy Spirit of God. I operate in the power of God, gaining strength, wisdom, and truth hidden in the mysteries of His Person and counsel. While I do support having physical weapons for certain measures of protection and order, I prefer the weapons of warfare which are spiritual, and I stay on the “range” to work on my “aim”. There is no gun that has more authority than my voice. Both my gift and my weapons are in my mouth. I, therefore,  tell people that my ministry is “dangerous,” because as long as I speak truth, all are subject to it— not because of Me, but because of my Lord who sent Me. I am HIS Royal Priest, HIS Truth Man, His God who worships God. #IAM 

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