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Dear East Baton Rouge...

Dear East Baton Rouge...

I have tried my best to persuade you, by the gracious counsel of The Lord, that STRICT AND TOTAL RIGHTEOUSNESS of The Lord Yeshua, led by The Holy Spirit, for the sake of the firm establishment and manifestation of The Kingdom of God, is God's agenda RIGHT NOW, and that judgment would commence to ensure it.

God literally placed His prophet and judge in your city, weeping tears day and night, for your repentance.

You continue to legislate, execute, and judge from the heart of democracy, doing what SEEMS right in your own eyes, NEVER discerning the will of God, or foolishly assuming it, and not conceding to the truth. And where are your "prophets" (pastors, priests, bishops)? Do any have knowledge of the will of God? How then can they comply with a government that ignores it?

Have ANY of you considered The Kingdom of God? Is righteousness ever your concern? You praise and support #lawenforcement, but what about righteousness enforcement? Woe unto you who detain anyone, save by the strictest counsel of The Holy Spirit.

Even your most prized evangelist has weakened to "backing the blue," men and women who love city, state, and nation more than God, kneeling and showing allegiance to a flag, a demonstration of idolatry and hatred for His righteousness.

Your attorneys love money more than justice. Your judges rule according to evil. How can ANY ruling be made according to laws that have nothing to do with God's total righteousness? How can criminals against God prosecute anyone? Will the ungodly judge the righteous?

Your sentences for crimes: who in Heaven approved them? And where did God sign off?

The HOMES that the Sheriff's office seize in foreclosure for banks that commit iniquity through greed, on whose authority in Heaven have you done this? Has The Kingdom of God no say-so in the affairs of your supposed jurisdictions?

Property taxes? Where is that in the law of God? Or how do justify that in His grace?

Are your government organizations in compliance with God's righteousness?

"Nope. We'll just keep building our lil systems of democracy, in the name of goodwill, 'law and order.'" You are beasts of unrighteousness, at best, who have convinced enough people to buy your bullshit in bulk.

I, even the prophet of The Lord, have had to suffer the misery of seeing the destruction that is coming upon you, because your pride of evil has reached the Heavens. And God sent an answer in the form of a KING-PRIEST-PROPHET-JUDGE, sat him right in your city, only for you to fuck over him according to the very systems you've become accustomed to, ignoring the righteousness of God.

So, it's our turn. 😊 Now shall you suffer GOD’S FIERY JUDGMENT in the form of CHAOS, DESTRUCTION, CALAMITY, CONFUSION, DEGRADATION, CONFLICT, and DESOLATION in diversified form, with extreme prejudice, in full measure, with no respect of persons, that will not lift but AT MY WORD. And maybe then you'll repent for your evils, and turn TOTALLY to God. You will pay in dollars or devastation for everything you did TO ME (a representation of God’s heart for the people). I was sent to TEST YO SILLY ASS, and with ALL that "power and authority" your officials wield, you had NO CLUE a prophet was among you--- even when I boldly declared it.

Oh, don't worry, Capital City. You're the FIRST, but not the only. The rest of Louisiana, America, AND THE WORLD, are about to get a good taste of The Kingdom of God and His righteousness. It will be a sweet smelling odor to those who love The Spirit of God, The Son of God, and The Father.

But it has been my pleasure serving you. You will beg for my counsel to return unto you. And I'll be there. Have your checkbook ready.


The Royal Priest of The Lord Yeshua

The King-Priest-Prophet-Judge from Province 2304, New Israel, Kingdom of God

The Royal Priest is The King-Priest-Prophet-Judge of The Lord Yeshua, who monitors governments and corporations for righteous compliance, prays for their repentance, warns of judgment, and receives authority from God over the disobedient, the mockers, and workers of iniquity, to invite and carry out the judgments.

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