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Dear Law Enforcement


This is a message of hope and encouragement for those who commit their lives to "protect and serve" the public.

I feel it is both gracious and appropriate to warn all #lawenforcement officers that there is a #judgment that has been issued by The Kingdom of God that is inescapable EXCEPT by compliance and repentance. This is a good time for all #police #sheriff #sheriffsdeputy and their families to start praying, repenting, and others to consider retirement if they have ANY ounce of defiance against The Kingdom of God and His righteousness, or ignorance thereof. Neither your superiors, #judges, #policeacademy will be able to protect you from what God is about to do.

Your laws, policies, procedures, protocols, and programs will be weighed against the STRICT RIGHTEOUSNESS of God. America's laws, state laws, municipal laws will not protect you from this judgment. The #federalgovernment and its agencies won't be able to protect you from THIS judgment. Your respective #governors and #mayors won't be able to protect you. The #UnitedStates #armedforces won't be able to protect you. You cannot militarize against the spirit world and The Holy Spirit of God. And God will no longer tolerate you doing things your own way, hiding behind a handful of morals, under the guise of "law and order." God is a God of TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS AND TRUE JUSTICE.

God has placed your families in this judgment (See Exodus, and learn how God judged Pharaoh). So do not think that your actions against His righteousness only affects you. Your families and friends are the indirect recipients of your defiance of God's righteousness. It is important that you start thinking "RIGHTEOUSNESS" and not "American".  You will not simply protect property. You will not make your own judgments about "safety". You will show no partiality toward a certain ethnic group. You will be officers who seek peace for all people, according to the righteousness of God. You will protect and serve THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD... or don't... and see what happens. 😊

You will no longer take petty matters as opportunities to harass, cuff, detain, or arrest anyone. You will apply the beat measures of the wisdom of God, to arrive at the best course of action that is fit for the issue. Make a move outside of the wisdom and mercy of God, and watch God make an example out of you. "For judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment." James 2:13

Now, we understand that there are vicious and heinous crimes that occur. And we know how important it is for such things to be handled. But you would want to start praying and asking God which procedures you should employ, because what you do OUTSIDE of His will, will invite His judgments accordingly. What I'm telling you is that your training and procedures had better include the righteousness of God... or don't, and see what happens. 😊

To the supposed "good" ones: There are no "good" officers, if you work alongside bad ones. So there's that. "Good" needs to be in accordance with faith. If you love your job more than you do God's righteousness, get in line for judgment. If the circumstances are too unbearable to fight against, perhaps resignation or retirement is your way to go.

This is your last and final warning that #IAM PERSONALLY sending, because much of my brethren of this weak-a$sed American #Church knows NOTHING about The Kingdom of God, His righteousness, justice, etc, thinking we gon wait for Heaven before we see the justice of God. I love 'em, but Our Father and #Lord is fed up with THEIR iniquity as much as YOURS.

Hiding behind your blue wall of silence and fraternal orders will be a curse and a snare to you. If you are secretly belong to any groups outside of your job that in any way affects your ability and willingness to serve The Lord of Righteousness, please understand the judgment you are bringing to those groups by your participation.

I would like to advise you to get some Spirit-filled clergy to help you establish #communitypolicing in accordance with their #evangelism, as The Kingdom of God can use more joint participation in our agenda.

I love you, and more importantly, GOD loves you enough to send me to give this warning. Swell up in pride and unbelief if you want to. God is better at your job than you are... and with THE SAME measure you use it WILL be measured you again. GOD'S LAW ENFORCEMENT does not go to the police academy; and those He will use to judge you will receive much greater strength for the task. GOD WILL NOT #backtheblue. RIGHTEOUSNESS and obedience will be His only focus concerning you. This will be a constant employment evaluation. Show up to any call from a #Karen, and make the wrong judgment call on how it should be handled, and Ms. Karen gon get your feelings hurt.

To the police chiefs, sheriff, mayors, if one corrupt officer is not properly dealt with after their unrighteous behavior, please know that the judgment will fall on you. 😊

I, The Royal Priest, a preacher of righteousness and prophet of The Lord, personally wrote The #Constitution of The Kingdom of God (which is available on my website) by The Spirit of The Lord, so I'm well aware what is coming in regards to His judgment. Feel free to laugh, mock, and even TOTALLY disregard what I have written. But my hope is that you have half a wit to know that God is real, His judgments are true, and HIS justice has awakened.

We are available for hired counsel to assist you with how you can better comply with The Kingdom mandate. Feel free to email us:

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