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The King Decrees: The Most Interesting Midterm Election for Baton Rouge EVER!

As we approach the midterm elections, Baton Rouge is faced with a MAJOR dilemma, one they have always faced, while seemingly unaware of its existence and implications. No different than other elections, people register to vote; campaign; participate in campaigns; give and collect donations; read daily newspapers; have golf, barbershop, and coffee house discussions about the respective challenges we face that cause us concern about the fate and destiny of our respective city, state, nation, and its impact on the world.

The Democrats, and their sister organization, The Republicans, are at it again, desperate to determine how to “take back” a nation, state, or city, with solutions based totally in their flesh and humanistic ideas of what's right, who's right, and how to shift their respective jurisdictions into another direction or another gear that is also flawed and broken— bent arrows that, from the drawing back of the bow of proper governance, never had a shot at the target even ten feet from the archer. The median parties of Libertarians, Green, Independent and others do the same, offering their best into the quiver of bent ideas.

Many Christians, divided amongst the parties, void of fully submitting themselves to The Holy Spirit, stand by and sway back and forth between their belief of the effectiveness of voting, and thus enter into the short-falling delusion that God is pleased with the “choose the lesser of two evils” safety play. And then, in returning back to their churches run by the very governments they hope to see changed, they sing praises to God from idolatrous hearts of “Roman”--- that is American— ideologies that hold more to “giving unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” than to “[giving] to God what is God’s,” which includes themselves and their total allegiance, even against the persecution they would face if they remotely spoke TOTALLY for The King who made that statement prior to being crucified and risen. (The conclusion of these events have for 2000 years DEMANDED that God is given what is God’s, with little to no concern for Caesar, especially while Caesar —or Uncle Sam--- is NOT TOTALLY submitted to God.)

While the economy is shifting, the wealth gap is growing, crime is increasing, law enforcement is reacting, prisons are filled AND WICKEDLY PROFITTING from their filling, another midterm election comes around, and people seem to be in the same stupor, sleep-dancing to the tune of a godless world searching for answers everywhere but UP. Those who DO know to look up, add in the “heroine” of Lady Liberty based on their view of her from their chosen political lenses, and call it “good,” like it’s an eighth day of Creation. And while the Gospel of Yeshua is preached, and many are birthed into The Kingdom of God, the midwives of the faith then send them to be groomed as disciples of Rome, with “good citizenship” to America being the intended goal, while The Kingdom of God watches, as He is robbed of the opportunity to crown such an individual with the splendor of His majestic usage and blessed destiny.

So what IS different about this election in Baton Rouge that should cause people-- especially Christians-- concern? Well, because Christians are spiritual people, called by The Lord Yeshua (Jesus) to be HIS holy people, who are COMMANDED to look exclusively TO HIM (2 Chronicles 7:14) for direction concerning the land we live in, void of all national heritage or preconceived ideas and the partial handful of morals that we often cherry-pick to suit our self-righteous, fleshly ideas of the way a nation should run. And thus, in choosing our political affiliations, we find ourselves in the same position that Israel was in while in The Promised Land. The people desired a king, like the other nations, not first and forevermore acknowledging that God is their King and operating accordingly.

See, when God's people are too focused on the land, the nation, the people, and the conditions more than they are God, they enter into idolatry. The Holy Ghost has longed to rule over the entirety of the man (personally) and the nations of the earth, through the kings of The King Yeshua. Baton Rouge, The State of Louisiana, and America, are about to find out what it truly means for The Kingdom of God to manifest itself. The prayer request “Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven” can only come about, when those making the request are WILLING to LET the King reign, by their refusal to submit to anything or anyone else ABOVE The King— even against persecution and the threat of death. This demands a contrast from the “semblance-of-godly” governance we tend to boast about, and thrusts us into a state of undeniable decisions on every count.

How will the government officials and staff operate? In the strict adherence to The Holy Spirit? No!?! How will a judge make His or her ruling? In the strict adherence to The Holy Spirit? No!?! For the Christians who occupy these positions, will they base their every move on the kingdom of God and His righteousness? No!?! Perhaps, you then have been slumbering in the slumbering churches, who think we somehow, in the idolatry of American “comfort,” escape the responsibility to represent ONLY The King who purchased us with His own blood. Perhaps, we thought this to be a bipartisan chess game of who is more moral and loving, thinking that ANY of man’s ways, being alone, is where God would leave HIS scepter of power on the earth. Oh no! There is a DISTINCT AND PRESENT holder of the scepter of power, but having been constrained from “office” by His own, was until now, withheld from FULLY expressing that authority and power.

See, The Kingdom of God we read about is similar but distinct from Heaven and The Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of God is not a “wait until Jesus comes back” deal. It’s a “The Holy Spirit will reign in all and over all. And in The Great Jubilation of God’s Week” deal, HE WILL bring forth the unfulfilled Jubilees He is due, so that all people might be given true liberty but under His righteous rule of governance— the straightest of straight arrows from the quiver of TRUE JUSTICE, LIBERTY, AND RIGHTEOUSNESS, that alone can pierce the bullseye of the bullseye.

See, even MANY Christians are not ready for The Holy Spirit to have sovereign reign and rule over their respective governments, evident in the fact that they keep playing the satanic fiddle of "lesser of two evils” in the voting booths, letting a wayward nation, states, cities, and respective governing staff, bind them with the chains of America, its Constitution, political parties, and elections to frustrate the power that alone can bring about GOD’S GOVERNMENT. We know “we ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29) And while thinking that simply BEING a “good Christian” is the means by which God’s Government will operate, they “go and fall backward, are broken, and snared and taken” (Isaiah 28:13) into the iron-bar cage of a wayward nation so lost in pride that even the preachers sing “hymns” to it. They all have become administrators of unrighteousness. And because the unbelieving, non-Christians, or non-faith-based leg of humanity exists, God’s people resort to pushing Romanized-Christianity, and not The Kingdom of God, which will even benefit the unbelieving FAR GREATER than “Rome” could ever.

And Caesar sits on the throne of a land that has spilled much blood under his rule, as every city and state drink from that murderous cup like its communion Sunday. And as the swallowed blood of iniquity moves through the body of our land, Christians have no idea that they are the insurance policy for the righteous fulfillment and execution of The Kingdom of God, according to the statute of Matthew, Article 6 Section 33 of The Kingdom of God’s Constitution. And that by ignoring it or placing anything above it, so that the rule of God’s government is frustrated, they have committed treason against Him.

So what does this mean for Baton Rouge? What does this mean to Louisiana? What has and is happening to America?

Just maybe The Kingdom of God is ready to kindle its fire of jubilation and judgment. Just maybe… just maybe GOD DID send a prophet into the land to blow the shofar of his voice declaring The Jubilees of The Lord. Just maybe… God sent The King to raise the kings of the King of kings to the height of their status before The King comes to receive them. Just maybe… God sent The Judge to judge the judges who have long left His righteous judgments because they hear not His voice.

(For the Lord is our Judge, The Lord is our Lawgiver, The Lord is our King; He will save us); He brings the princes to nothing; He makes the judges of the earth useless. (Isaiah 33:22; Isaiah 40:23)

Just maybe that prophetic voice spoke from the Red Stick of Louis and Ana. Just maybe some heard it, some saw it, some heeded, some ignored it. Just maybe it didn’t matter if he was heard or not, because God was doing TOTALLY SOMETHING KNEW with him.


Prophet Elijah, who, with no backstory, JUST SHOWED UP, and in the face of the king, decrees his authority given to him BY GOD to control the judgment over all of Israel.

King David, who, despite not even being called to the line up of Jesse’s sons who were summoned so that Samuel the prophet could anoint the next ruler of God’s people, was chosen BY GOD to be Israel’s King.

Judge Othniel, who, when the children of Israel cried out to The Lord during their servitude to Cushan-Rishathaim, was raised up BY GOD to defeat the king of Mesopotamia and deliver Israel.

See, who God raises up, when God raises Him up, no man can reject WITHOUT rejecting God as well. God’s election is the opening and closing of the ballot.

Oh, what a sweet November it will be, as God’s election is CLOSED before it opens. Celebrate, Baton Rouge! Celebrate, Louisiana! Celebrate, America! A Prophet-King-Judge is here!

The Royal Priest, The Prophet-King, Judge of 2304

The Truth Man, The Black Messiah & Pressure Prince of New Israel, The Judge Hunter Greene of Elohim


Stick around and see. :)

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