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The Pearson Effect

Updated: Nov 4

The Pearson Effect

"Grace is waaay more sufficient than people realize."~ The Truth Man, TRP

Carlton Pearson, the American minister and Gospel music artist, is battling cancer. And there are many who have things to say about his life and ministry.

Let me go ahead and say it LOUD AND CLEAR: ANYONE speaking as though #CarltonPearson automatically went to hell for "false teaching," I bet you FOOLISHLY believe you have NO ERROR in your doctrine. If you are not PERFECT in your living and your doctrine, he is going where you're going. And you're going where he's gone. So apply grace accordingly. 😊

I was not a fan of the "doctrine of inclusion," though I really only listened to him preach it vaguely. I was not a fan of Carlton Pearson's ministry. But one thing I have learned in my 43 years on this earth; 33 years being saved; 20 years of being filled with The Holy Spirit, studying The Bible, and preaching, is that Christians will condemn THEIR BRETHREN for sh!t they're ALSO GUILTY OF. They pick out their favorite doctrines and call them "essential," (making others "non-essential" in their own minds🙄) polishing their own halos, as though they are in some "safe zone". Many of them DON'T PRAY for the people they call out, and really get a rush confining someone to Hell, singing in their hearts the Winans classic "millions didn't make it, but I was one of the ones who did," inwardly guaranteeing their own GOLDEN salvation, while spotting and despising others like theirs is rusted over.

Some of the same individuals will condemn you for your liberty in The Holy Spirit, resistance to bogus church practices, and outspoken voice on the same, because they only THINK they know God (because of their affiliation with Church) while denying other aspects of His being. While Carlton Pearson may have offended MANY Church folks with his approach to The Gospel, others do the SAME THING, but on different points.

I know folks who are Spirit-filled but deny The Pre-Trib Rapture, but make that a not-so-offensive attribute of their "golden" ministries.

I know some who will hold "deliverance" services (thinking everyone in sin has demons), but don't preach sanctification through the grace of The finished work of Christ (at the cross). I know some who operate in the gifts of The Spirit, who STILL watch, support, and participate IN INIQUITY (in ignorance). I know others who will condemn someone struggling with homosexuality but NEVER preach THE MESSAGE that can help deliver them out of it. Why? BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW IT!

I have heard the story of what drove Carlton to preaching the doctrine of inclusion, and trust me "churchiness" was at the root of it. Churchiness is my definition of fucked up Church opinions and perceptions that affect the body AND the world around us, that quenches The Holy Spirit WHILE assuming He's in it.

His bad experience led him to believe that Hell doesn’t exist. But the Bible says it does.

Your ignorance, study, or experience might be telling you that the Pre-Trib Rapture/Harpazo (or Rapture/Harpazo) doesn't exist, but the Bible says it does.

When you tell someone to "repent", what do you mean? If you mean, "be perfect in everything you do," I know, for damn sure, you're not, and might be PREACHING what's aiding the error in them. (But PRIDE will never admit that... or even consider it.)

"He led people astray." Which people? Those who should be studying to show themselves approved, testing the spirits, searching the scriptures daily, ALWAYS PRAYING WITH ALL SUPPLICATION AND PRAYER IN THE HOLY SPIRIT?👀 Hmmm... interesting. Isn't it convenient to be able to blame someone for falsely teaching us, while removing ANY PART of the scripture and our obedience to The Spirit? 🙄 FUCK ALL THE WAY OFF!

NOW... without making a case for the doctrine of inclusion, because that can stretch too far, I DO want you to be sensitive to some things in general.

1. Being totally sinless is IMPOSSIBLE in this body of sin.

2. YOU don't make the list of forgivable and unforgivable offenses WITH GOD.

3. The Bible declares that some can be in deep error, often to the loss of rewards, but not always the loss of the soul. (1 Corinthians 3:15)

4. Concerning those saved AT THE RAPTURE 👀, Yeshua says "Come My People", with no specifications as to who that is, other than the fact that we know that His Sheep hear His voice.

5. Concerning those who MISS THE RAPTURE, the amount of people in Heaven that come out of the indignation was so mysterious that 1) John could not even identify who they were (Revelation 7:14) proving that the mystery of the fullness of salvation escaped that great apostle as well), and 2) the number was so large, he didn't have a way of counting them OR referencing the number, i.e. millions, billions. (Revelation 7:9) 👀

Church folks don't have the final answer on who all will be saved and how. True Kingdom citizens and children of God preach CHRIST CRUCIFIED AND THE KINGDOM OF GOD, because CHRIST is the only one WHO CAN save--- even if done in a manner you (OR JOHN) know not of, BECAUSE of what He accomplished at the cross.

As far as I know, Pearson never denied The Lord Yeshua, but rather struggled on reconciling who all would and could be saved, despite certain struggles with sin, vices, etc. His conclusion or methods may or may not have been correct. But what does that mean for his soul... AND YOURS?

God's grace is waaay more sufficient than many realize.


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