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Speaking In Tongues, Mysteries Without Misfire, The Royal Priest, The Truth Man, Judge Hunter Greene, Court of Appeals, Urban Apologetics, Kingdom of God

...explores the doctrine of the baptism in the Holy Spirit and Glossolalia (speaking in tongues), answering questions and addressing preconceived notions and misrepresentations that often create barriers to understanding. The Royal Priest turns the spotlight to this powerful gift, revealing its treasured purposes from the scriptures, removing the stumbling blocks with both spiritual illumination of the power of God, coupled with research, reasoning, and analysis of the intellectual approaches of man. 


The personal stories and experiences will navigate you through many applicable benefits you also can hope to see when you receive this blessed gift. God has given The Royal Priest deep insight and wisdom on this subject that the author collates into an engaging reference that will serve as a guide to increase faith in the gift of the Holy Ghost that the Lord Yeshua calls “The Promise of the Father.”


“Behold, I send The Promise of My Father upon you.”

Luke 24:49



Book: Speaking
10 Page
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