"ADRIEN" (ADONAI'S DIVINE REGENCY OF ISRAEL, EGYPT, & NUBIA) is the mystical country of The NEW government order of The Kingdom of God, headed by The Royal Priest AND His Queen. It is the land where RIGHTEOUSESS RULES, JUSTICE PREVAILS, AND PEACE AND JOY ABOUND! We operate in power, love, freedom, and TRUTH by the Spirit of God. We operate in the AMPLIFIED BALANCE of Word Study, Spirit Power, and Fervent Worship. WE DO NOT DO CHURCH TRADITION. WE DO KINGDOM!

"ADRIEN" will in fact infiltrate all governments of the world, taking them over by the power of God, fully staffed by the Spirit-filled saints AND the angelic host, with an additional team of special law enforcement volunteers, to place a demand of righteousness on the governments and general population for the glory of God, and for the good of the people. 

God's Week of The Great Jubilation will be quite an experience, where the total justice of God is expressed in unlimited and unhindered BLESSING, but also intense and FIERY JUDGMENT! The King, who shows no partiality, will repay wrong for wrong, and reward the faithful, obedient, righteous. The Constitution of The Kingdom of God, short in it's statement, but very bold in its assertive demands, is upheld and established by The Word of God and The Mysteries of The Spirit, which govern the saints who are shoulder of The Lord Yeshua. The Holy Spirit of God shall reign through His Royal Priest and Saints, that the world may witness The Kingdom of God and His power through miracles, signs, wonders, healings, bold prophecies and judgments. And our aim is that everyone turn from sin to The Lord Yeshua, who paid for their forgiveness, that they might by faith enjoy ALL the blessings of The Lord IN HIM. 

We have FUN in RIGHTEOUSNESS. We speak TRUTH in LOVE. We experience FREEDOM by HONESTY and TRUTH. 

We live to be BLESSED and be a BLESSING, by WISDOM. We pray fervently for PEACE and PERSEVERANCE. We walk by FAITH and on water. 

We grow in GRACE and in KNOWLEDGE OF THE LORD. We move with a mind of MERCY and TRUE JUSTICE. We work and experience MIRACLES by the Spirit of God. 

​The Capitol of New Israel is "Chedvah Theios" (Hebrew/Greek for "Joy of God" or "God's Joy") which is a twin-city called The Province of 2304.​

We will make right everything wrong with the world. Expect unusual miracles, unusual signs, unusual wonders, but also unusual JUDGMENTS (for the disobedient or frustraters of our agenda, believing or non-believing). Anyone who names the Name of The Lord Yeshua (Jesus) shall be a willing participant in this agenda, and will serve as the INSURANCE policy for it, or face consequences for willful defiance.

 The end of European colonization and dominance has come. The end of unchecked political corruption and evil government has come. The end of economic imbalance has come. The end of inflation is here. The season of REAPING for what was sown is here! True justice has awakened. Let the sinner seek salvation NOW!

"This is a gracious warning that The Holy Spirit and The Royal Priest are now the sovereign authority over all governments and people of the earth, for the purpose of the unrestricted advancement of The Kingdom of God and His righteousness. We legislate, operate, and litigate in the strict counsel of The Lord, holding all men accountable to HIS sovereign will, above and in lieu of any other government authorities, agencies, constitutions, laws, treaties, statutes, ordinances,  codes, religious views and practices, or personal moral convictions."

"Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God." Romans 13:1

​Resistance is futile. 


#WelcomeToNewIsrael where The NAME of THE LORD YESHUA will reign!